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Tim Smith

Novice Lead Coach


This level is intended for wrestlers with zero to two years of experience. We understand there may be some age differences, but this year's team format should allow for us to fill in those gaps with wrestlers from other levels and still get each wrestler waht he/she needs. The large group will be broken down to many smaller groups for specialized instruction based on size, ability, etc. The number and size of groups will be determined by how many assisting coaches we have in attendance. We would suggest that competitions be secondary to practices. Novice wrestlers should maintain a focus on learning body control, position, and fundamentals in order to build a strong foundation for their future in the sport. If we have older novices, we may move them up for partners.

Storm Eastvold

Intermediate Lead Coach

Chad Vollmecke

Intermediate Coach

David Miller

Intermediate Coach


This level is the natural progression of drills and competition that comes with years of experience. This is for wrestlers wtih 3 to 4 years of experience. We realize that the amount of wrestling done in those years may differ from wrestler to wrestler, but we feel confident that we can meet the needs of all wrestlers within this level. This group of wrestlers will spend one day with the Novice (M) and two days in the room with Advanced (T/TH).

Butch Devine

Intermediate Coach


This level is for our 5+ years of experience wrestlers. The pace and tempo of this level will be greater than the other levels even if they are working in the same room. Wrestlers in this level will be preparing for high levels of competition. In order to create an atmosphere that is conductive to growth, this group will be three consecutive days; two days will blend with the INTERMEDIATE wrestlers (T/TH) and one day will be soley ADVANCED wrestlers. This will allow for greater number of partners within a small group atmosphere.

David Miller

Advanced Lead Coach

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Chad Vollmecke

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Kerri Smith


Waukee Youth Wrestling started back in the late 1990's and has gone through some growing pains and growth over the years.  At one point, there were 20 youngsters in the program; numbers have exceeded 100 for the past 10 years consistently.  The program has grown from one group to three levels of instruction (novice/intermediate/advanced), with athletes that compete all over the country.  Our program houses multiple AAU qualifiers, placers, and champions. We have young men who compete, place, and win national tournaments like Tulsa and the Super 32. We have several young men who have had high school and collegiate success that started in the Waukee Youth Wrestling program.

Our Mission

To advance the sport of wrestling locally by providing quality coaching, instruction, and competition opportunities to the Waukee Community.  We will make every effort to ensure the wrestlers in our program get age/ability appropriate instruction, and challenges that will enhance their lives as competitors as well as students and citizens.  Our athletes will practice and compete with pride and intensity.